2018.10.16 09:00
Budapest A38 Hajó

Fintech Innovation 2018

Privatbankar.hu’s Fintech Innovation 2018 Conference concentrates on the most recent events of the financial innovation market and intends to prepare financial professionals to take part to have an active role in changes started on the international and Hungarian payment services markets. And now Mfor is joining Privatbankar to create another successful event.

Just like a year ago PSD2 and instant payments dominate not only the Hungarian payment market but the European as well. By this reason we keep on concentrating on these two topics but we have involved new presenters to give a broader picture to the participants. Those who come will have the possibility to listen to a presentation about FIntech and AI and the latest developments in blockchain technology.

We wanted to have the opinion of bank managers, IT specialists on the running questions. They are on the users’ side in this respect we, therefore, have invited them to participate better in the two, hopefully very lively round table discussions to give their opinions, how they see their own and the whole market’s possibilities.

We propose to take part in the 4th Fintech Innovation Conference of Privatbankar.hu to such managers and professional of banks and innnovative financial service companies who want to receive first hand information about the recent events of payment markets. We also wait representatives of IT and telecommunication companies without whom these changes cannot be realized.

Along with the presentation of trends and future regulations we wish to present new and innovative solutions on the basis of which new services can be built up.  We want the conference to be also an excellent networking possibility for the participants where everyone can meet professionals of the leading  companies which determine also the future of market development.

Day Two: Pécs

This year we will apply a new structure meaning that we shall add one day to the conference organizing a conference with the similar topics but not for businessmen but for students. This will be held in the city of Pécs at the Economic Faculty of the local University but students will attend from other universities as well.

Venue: Budapest, A38 ship

Date: 16th October 2018

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For further information please contact Mr. András Gáspár at +36-30-588-70-76

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Balázs Barna

Balázs Barna Engineering Lead of European Markets TransferWise

Balázs Czímer

Balázs Czímer partner McKinsey & Company

Balázs Havelda

Balázs Havelda Deputy CEO Diákhitel Központ Kft.

Balázs Szebellédy

Balázs Szebellédy Head of consulting CAPSYS

Dr. József Czímer

Dr. József Czímer manager Capsys London Office

Dr. Tuan Anh Trinh

Dr. Tuan Anh Trinh Associate Professor Head of Corvinus Fintech Center

Etienne Goosse

Etienne Goosse Director General Europen Payment Council

Ferenc Böle

Ferenc Böle OTP Bank IT Project Management and Methodology Directorate

Ferenc Fazekas

Ferenc Fazekas Deputy CEO CHERRISK

Lajos Bartha

Lajos Bartha CEO MNB

László Balogh

László Balogh Deputy State Secretary Ministry of Finance

László Sárközi

László Sárközi Head of Department MKB Bank

László Szűcs

László Szűcs speaker European Champion of Public Speaking

Márk Hetényi

Márk Hetényi Vice president MKB Bank

Örs Országh

Örs Országh Deputy CEO Blockchain Competence Center Ltd.

Remco Veenenberg

Remco Veenenberg W.UP: Digital Banking International Sales Evangelist

Tamás Bíró

Tamás Bíró Founder and chief marketing officer Barion


I. szekció


What’s new - Fintech Sapiens Sapiens


· Balázs Czímer (partner, McKinsey & Company)

Pan-Europen instant payment system


· Etienne Goosse (Director General, Europen Payment Council)

The latest trends in payment services


· Lajos Bartha (CEO, MNB)

Coffee break

II. szekció

Insurance redesigned, presenting the new insurance model - cherrisk.com


· Ferenc Fazekas (Deputy CEO, CHERRISK )

Rising and crying of the ’wanna be Fintechs’


· Balázs Szebellédy (Head of consulting, CAPSYS)

The utilization areas of blockchain and digital investment tools such as bitcoin, ethereum


· Örs Országh (Deputy CEO, Blockchain Competence Center Ltd.)

TransferWise: Building A Mission Driven Startup


· Balázs Barna (Engineering Lead of European Markets, TransferWise)


III. szekció

New fintech-based regulatory sytems in financial services


· László Balogh (Deputy State Secretary, Ministry of Finance)

MKB Goes Digital, Digital Goes FinTech, FinTech Just Goes


· Márk Hetényi (Vice president, MKB Bank)


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